Skim my answers below for answers to common questions I receive!

Most answers have a link to an example of my work.

Wade, are you transparent with your work process?
Have you created any game design documents?
Have you worked on multiplayer maps?
Yes. Both first person and third person.
Single player experiences?
Do you know C / C++ / Lua / Python / Java / Ruby / Assembly / ColdFusion / LOLCODE / EusLisp Robot Programming Language ?
No, but if it was important to the design of the project, I'd be willing to learn!
Can you at least script?
Yes. C# and GML. I have experience with ActionScript 2 and 3 as well, but not that great.

Also, I wrote this website in XHTML and CSS (with a little helping of jQuery and JavaScript).
What about visual scripting?
kismet? Yes.

Lots of projects in Hammer using entity scripting as well.
What about puzzle games?
3D games?
2D games?
What pro editors can you efficiently work with?
Ever used SVN?
Yes. I used TortoiseSVN for a few months and really enjoyed it.
Ever designed for mobile?
I'm working on one AS WE SPEAK!
Worked with teams before?
Yes! Longest stint was with 8 people for 8 months at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I'd love to break that record!