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game or level design position

 SKILL SET: Game and Level Design 
      ❖  Game mechanics design
❖  Level design(3D & 2D)
❖  Product testing on high value IPs
❖  Design documentation
❖  Menu systems
❖  Rapid prototyping

      3D: Unity, Valve Hammer Editor, UDK + Kismet, QuArK
2D: Game Maker, ProjectFun, LemEdit, ChatMapper
Scripting: C#, GML, HTML, CSS
Familiar with: Radiant, Flash + AS2/3, Zero Engine, Multimedia Fusion 2
Editing: Premiere/AfterEffects, Photoshop, Virtual Dub
Other: Asana, Office, SVN

       Pocket Family Aug 2015 - Aug 2016      
House building children's sim game for mobile
    ➢ Contribution: Producer, quest design, feature design, and economy balance
    ➢ Utilities: Asana, Photoshop, Office

       Save the Cave Apr 2014 - Aug 2015      
Multiplayer tower defense for mobile tablets
    ➢ Contribution: Producer, level design
    ➢ Utilities: Proprietary map editor, Asana, Photoshop

       Tasty: The Search for the Mending Blend Aug 2011 - May 2012      
3rd-person puzzle adventure (student team project)
    ➢ Role: Design Lead
    ➢ Contribution: Game design, level design, scripting, playtesting, design docs
    ➢ Utilities: UDK, Kismet, UnrealScript, Photoshop, After Effects

  For additional projects, please visit the GAMES page  

       Nintendo Switch Oct 2016 - Current      
Nintendo's hybrid video game console
    ➢ Contribution: Script debugging, test plan execution, feature suggestion
    ➢ Utilities: Visual Studio, video software, Office, JIRA

       Super Mario Maker 3DS Aug 2016 - Oct 2016      
Side-scrolling platform video game and game creation system.
    ➢ Contribution: Text check, gameplay bug checking
    ➢ Utilities: Proprietary bug tracking software, video hardware and software, Photoshop, Office

       Mario Party: Star Rush Jul 2016 - Aug 2016      
A party video game developed by Nd Cube
    ➢ Role: Completionist
    ➢ Contribution: Completion, text check, bug reporting, weekly reporting
    ➢ Utilities: Proprietary bug tracking software, video hardware and software, Photoshop, Office

       Associate Product Tester II Jun 2016 - Current      
Parker at Nintendo   ≡   Redmond, WA
    ➢ Identify and report programming errors and anomalies
    ➢ Script debugging in Visual Studio
    ➢ Execute test-plan assignments and test cases
    ➢ Provide support to entry-level testers

       Associate Designer/Producer Apr 2014 - Aug 2016      
Kooapps   ≡   Redmond, WA
    ➢ Feature design for mobile titles
    ➢ Manage international art and dev teams
    ➢ Level design for mobile tower defense
    ➢ Economy balancing on a sim game

       ProjectFun Assistant Teacher Summer of 2010      
DigiPen Institute of Technology   ≡   Redmond, WA
Taught middle to high school-level students how to use DigiPen's in-house game development software. I also helped organize and develop the Game Design summer course material.

       Multimedia Fusion 2 Instructor Summer of 2009      
Chase Middle School   ≡   Spokane, WA
Taught middle school students how to use the game making software Multimedia Fusion 2 during a six-week course with the company TinCan.

       Bachelor of Arts in Game Design Class of 2013      
DigiPen Institute of Technology   ≡   Redmond, WA

       Courses in Business Computers, Project Management 2005-2007      
Spokane Community College   ≡   Spokane, WA

      Chosen for the DigiPen GDC Showcase Demo Reel (Water Power, 2011)
Nominated for TWHL’s ‘Map a Puzzle’ competition (Barrel Destroyer, 2008)
Highest rated Half-Life mod on TWHL for 2 years (Dungeon Death, 2004)

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