Welcome to the cream of the crop! Check out my demo reel below to see examples of game, level, and ux design I've worked on.

Scroll below the video to see individual games I've worked on solo and with teams.

Game Design Demo Reel

 Made with: Unity / C#
 Genre: mobile / puzzle / strategy
 Role(s): mobile game design, level design
In Development

independent solo project

Water Power: Pocket is the latest iteration of the liquid simulation puzzle game I've been developing since 2011.

 Made with: UDK (Nov 2012 build)
 Genre: non-linear exploration / adventure
 Role(s): environment design, level design
Spring 2013

student solo project

Robert's Key Quest was created for a level design college course. It is a polished single level that contains many of the elements that need to go into a successful level including:
  • landmarking
  • leading the player
  • clear objectives
  • environmental storytelling
  • differences in kind

 Made with: Game Maker: Studio
 Genre: notgame / graphic adventure
 Role(s): game design, art direction, GML scripting
Fall 2012

student solo project

High-Score Hero was created for an advanced topics class wherein we were given three months to think outside the box and work on experimental game ideas to push the envelope of what is considered a game.

 Made with: UDK (Oct 2011 build)
 Genre: 3rd person / puzzle / action / adventure
 Role(s): lead designer, art direction, QA, kismet scripting
Spring 2012

student team project

Tasty is a 3rd-person action adventure made in UDK with a team of 7 people.

This team excercise built a lot of hard-learned lessons into me:
  • Scope, scope, scope
  • Know when to kill an idea if it isn't working
  • Do not punish players for finding interesting ways to complete your level
  • UnrealScript's hieracrchy system is a maddening nightmare

 Made with: Game Maker 8 / GML
 Genre: puzzle / strategy
 Role(s): game, level, and puzzle design, menu systems
Spring 2011

student solo project

Water Power is perhaps one of my better examples of strong game design, vision, and branding all coming together in one package. Featured in the 2011 DigiPen demo reel, Water Power's liquid simulation puzzles in a pixel world were a blast to work on.

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