This page details in-development games and other things I'm working on.

 Made with: Unity / C#
 Genre: mobile / puzzle / strategy
 Role(s): mobile game design, level design
In Development

independent solo project

Water Power: Pocket is the latest iteration of the liquid simulation puzzle game I've been developing since 2011.

Version 1 had 7 levels and was completed in the winter of 2011 using Game Maker.

Version 2 was an update to version 1 that included 10 levels. Certain levels from v1 were revised to make the level's objective more clear. A new menu and a level select system was added and rolled out in Spring of 2012.

Pocket is being developed from the ground up in C# using Unity for Android mobile and will include all levels from version 2, again revamped, as well as additional levels. The graphics have been overhauled to better fit the theme. A re-branding with the word "Pocket" was added to help distinguish itself from the previous work. The water code will be more advanced and each level fine-tuned for touch-based play.