Dungeon Death logo

 Made with: WorldCraft 3.4 / Hammer
 Genre: dungeon crawl
 Role(s): game design, level design
 Release Date: December 2004

Dungeon Death is a first-person action dungeon crawl set in various chambers of a castle. Explore the expansive underground labyrinth to try and escape the clutches of your captors! This is by far the biggest project I have undergone solo. I worked on this game between 2002 and 2004. Made using Valve Hammer Editor, I used pre-included art but made the levels from the ground up. Features a solid hour of gameplay and puzzles with nods to Zelda and Stonekeep.

Watch the above video for a short post mortem on the opening moments of the game.

 ♦ Requires Half-Life game to run
 ♦ Win / Mac / Linux
 ♦ 15MB

To my amazement, Dungeon Death has received a great amount of attention over the years from all over the place. Thank you to all of the fans asking me where secrets were and what you found that was broken in different parts of the game! I originally only had this game on my site here, as well as posted on TWHL and The Snarkpit. Here is a short list of where I have found Dungeon Death elsewhere on the Internet since:

the abandoned workshops
Some Russian site!
Some French site!
Some Czech site!
I even came across a speedrun!