Made with: Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
 Genre: 1st-person multiplayer
 Role(s): level design
 Map size: Medium, 5-10 players
 Release date: October 24, 2004

Map Description

This is a replica of my relatives house and surrounding in Waupaca, WI. There is a large outside grassy area with trees, as well as a large inside. It has been modified in parts to increase playability. Visiting your grandparents house will never be the same! Secrets and weapons a plenty here! Enjoy the night time and don't get bit by too many mosquitoes!

1. Extract the dt_brown.zip files into the appropriate HL folders.
2. Add the value 'd dt_grass' to the materials.txt file in the sound folder unless you like grass to sound like concrete while running on it.

Thanks to
•biological_component: #1 source for mapping help and audio beats to vibe while mapping

TWHL: Tutorials, Forums

The SnarkPit: Forums, Tutorials

Technical Info
Editor: WorldCraft/Valve Hammer Editor 3.4
Build Time: 3 months
Compile Time: Approx. 45 minutes

HLCSG: -wadinclude dt
HLVIS: -full
HLRAD: -extra -smooth 80

Compiled With: Zoner's Tools 2.5.3 custom build 1.7
Compile System: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.54 Ghz, 512 MB RAM

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Outside in the driveway

Upper bedroom

The Living room
The screenshots seen here are only from the levels that I created.

Outside 'round the front

Secret Ghostbuster's Shrine

On the roof!